Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why an echo?

So, I've never really been super creative.  I'm not that torn up about it; I know that this is how God created me.  Sure, I have my occasional spurts of innovation and "original" thoughts and ideas, but overall... not so much.  I much rather enjoy quoting or paraphrasing enlightening things I've heard.  In fact, most of my Facebook status updates tend to be quotes!  It seems like everyday I hear something or read something that I want to share with people, but then I second guess myself about sharing it on Facebook because I'm, quite frankly, afraid that people will think it redundant or boring. SO. That being said, I've decided to start a blog that's strictly quotes, paraphrases, etc. If people read it, cool.  Hopefully they'll feel encouraged or a passage will make them ponder, like it did me.  If they don't read it or don't care at all, that's cool too.  In all honesty, this blog is more or less for myself--for me to write what I've heard or read and perhaps "talk through" my thoughts once and a while. 

Bottom line: I need an outlet, and I'm tired of Facebook being that outlet.  Huzzah!

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